Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I was so hesitant to watch this movie since it is based on child abuse.. I don't like those kind of movies since it just pains me. I too have to tell you that this movie is so worth watching... You don't get all the disgusting details but you do get all the wonderfulless of a young woman who wants to help make a wrong right.. for you peeps who are on the fence.. This is a must see.

The spiritualness of this movie is so moving and so disturbing at the same time.. but I don't leave watching this movie so disturbed. I am so emotional so I can properly critique this for you peeps and and can tell you peeps that this is worth watching and not to fear of the loathing of the other...

This movie totally reminds of "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams and Anabella Sciorra. What another fantastic movie... No real domination but a great movie of beliefs and how you will get there and be recieved... Fantastic..

I just love it and want to believe as bad as they want us too...

Susan Surandan is my god!!!!!

Rosie on Craig Ferguson Opening Act.. with puppets.. hah!

For all my lovely Bloggers friends who missed this sweet morsel.. Its my job to bring it to you!! Enjoy my lovely peeps.. smooch

Ok now found the interview.. FANTASTIC!!

You've Got Mail

I am a sap fer sure..

Is it me or what???  Lately I have been really emotional and I cant watch a tv program without getting the big wad of tissues to softley dampen me eyes... ok when that doesnt work, I go on full swiping my eyes like they dont live there and honking like a tuba.  I AM A SAP!!!

I have to admit, today, I was watching "You've Got Mail" .  I had no clue that so many todays big stars are in that movie who is younger at the time and I wish I was that young so I can have a conversation with them toe to toe.  Now they are big wigs and wont even entertain me arse...

Okay from the obvious peeps like:

Tom Hanks ... Joe Fox
Meg Ryan ... Kathleen Kelly

We have these other beautiful peeps

Greg Kinnear ... Frank Navasky
Katie Sagona.. Young Kathleen Kelly
Parker Posey ... Patricia Eden
Jean Stapleton ... Birdie Conrad
Steve Zahn ... George Pappas    He has been in so many butthead movies.. I just love him..
Heather Burns ... Christina Plutzker   WHo has done a ton movies including the beauty is miss Congeniality..
Dave Chappelle ... Kevin Jackson   God you know this guy is amazing..
Dabney Coleman ... Nelson Fox   another god
John Randolph ... Schuyler Fox      A legend..
Hallee Hirsh ... Annabelle Fox   Has been on every night time tv show
Cara Seymour ... Gillian Quinn      Been in a ton of movies...
Katie Finneran ... Maureen, the Nanny   More Movies/  More movies/TV drama
Michael Badalucco ... Charlie    A Zillion movies!!!

Ok this is getting tiring.. this movie was well cast but that is not the point!!

Deborah Rush ... Veronica Grant
Veanne Cox ... Miranda Margulies
Bruce Jay Friedman ... Vince Mancini
Sara Ramirez ... Rose, Zabars Cashier  - Lezbo from Greys Anatomy.. had to take a double look..

Needless to say.. the last hour of the movie when Tom Hanks found out that Meg was the Shopgirl via email totally tugged me heart.  

He then decided to stalk her a bit to get to know this woman who he thought was beautiful but a bitch and a pill but in email.. he so longed for her...

Ok now go to scene where he went to her home when she was sick...  he sucked in all his rife and just tried to understand her.  She in the end was perplexed why she suddenly had feelings for this man who just shut down her business.. Is this possible??  I dunno but I am gonna keep watching..  sigh..

Oh I forgot.. he brought her favorite flowers "daisies" cause they just light her up even when she was sick..(she says they are the friendliest flowets) and made her tea then tucked her in..  sigh..

Now he somehow mistakenly bumps into her all over town and it is his mantra to woo her..  Then gives her advice to meet this fellow... but then again gives her advice that your heart may be broken in many funny scenerio's

She wants to meet him now based on her now good friends advice... but he decides he needs more "tweaking" on his new project and razzes her about it with the literal statement..

She is some what falling for him but is loyal to this email buddy and thinks he is the man of her dreams but she is divided and sad and happy at the same time...

Now she has to put up or shut up and she dances along to the meeting place... she looks around the gardens on the west side.. hears Tom Hanks voice and dog which had gone rogue..  ;-) and she looks up.. sees Tom Hanks.. takes like 4 deep breaths.. starts that Meg Ryan face twitching thingy.. tears ensue but not waterfalls.... Tom comes over and looks at her and OMG...  takes a Hankie pressed and I think had a blue hue.. out and wipes her tears and says.. don't cry (something)  She is just so quiet.. and the moments feel like hours.. then says.. "I am so glad it was you!!  I am so glad!!"

Ok I already started to sniffel and have a few hiccups of cant catch my breath... now at this point.. the tears started to flow down my face and I wanted to go into a full sob!!!!

I started to choke a bit... asked myself if I am just a nutzo job..,  lo and behold.. had to find that tissue with an issue and swap my face like a girl who got 20 gallons of liquids thrown in her face..,

sigh.. I am a sap fer sure....  but I do love a good love story....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dianes Wedding Pic Just a Jersey Gal

I have asked Diane for a pic to make her into a drag queen.  She swears she doesnt have one but I did find one after I scoured the internet..

I know sometimes the end of your wedding can be gruesome since all the stressed is released, but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and awaiting a new pic to make her new.. 

Come on woman.. dont make me wait..

I'm just saying and awaiting..

RuPauls Dragulator

Peeps!!!  We have this new fantastic tool that can take a picture (headshot) of your favorite person to razz on and make them into a Drag Queen!!!  

Ok I have to admit, I used one of my favorite blogging gals, Penny aka Katie, pic from her facebook and tried it out.  The above picture is the final result from this following picture.  Unfortunately, the only real features that are expressed from her face shot is her eyeballs and nose  which is mostly greyed out and her sparkling martini glass... Probaly for a good reason..   I KID I KID!!!  lmaoooo

Penns in real life:

Now Penns in the Drag Queeen Life!!!

I so do love her makeover I must say.  She is wearing her Elizabeth Hasselbeck inspired chandelier earrings she bought from QVC one night when she had one martini's too many.  It was the blue cheese stuffed olives I am sure..

Even you can paint yourself up!!! Ch Ch Check it out at


Okay.. since posting I had another blogger buddy and here is Kelly..

She is so manly I want to jump her bones!!  And I mean her bone!!

This is Kelly before her massive surgeries...

I know I know!!! she needed alot of work!!! NOT!!  Now here she is post surgery by Dr Aileen..

My work is finally done and all the Bride's of Frankensteins are complete.. I can go to sleep now..

Ok Okay.. I couldnt help myself.. found a picture of another blogger friend Carm... You peeps will rue the day you post pics of yourself on your facebook.. This is the best masterpiece eva!!!!  I am gonna shag CARM!!!!!

Our lovely lady in the most moderns of mean.. (meaning not drag queen standards) are below looking weird cause I had to edit a pic of her to get her face...

And this is what this blossoming beauty came to look like in the magic hands.. of   Moi....

I am a genious!!!!!!!!!    Taking a bow and thanking you for all the accolades and applause...


woman.. feel free to right click and save your portraits to your puter..  then post on your facebook profile!!!!  Your welcome..

For the love of god I had to do one more.. since I found another head shot and lo and behold.. Its me own sister who might disown me after these wee hours..  

I had noticed that her face totally changed when I gave her that mouth but I could not stop meself..

This is her normal self that haunts me in my dreams..  I KID I KID!!!

Thats me lovely sisters facebook profile pic like the rest of you unsuspecting fools..

Now here is her new facebook pic...  dats right.. you can thank me lata..

She looks like Britney when she dies her hair dark.  with a huge mouth cause she got one fer sure..  blah blah.. I know.. I am going to hell...


Ok.. by a popular request...  I am adding our REAL TRANNY MESS to the Tranny Club.

Below is another Blogger friend (term used loosley) I KID I KID who was really begging for my specialty makeover.    This one took extra magic and careful selections in the Tranny closet and I had to part with my favorite dress reserved for Tranny Makeover Competition!!

Ahh  what a sight...   "Don't Hate My Beauty"  unknown by some Tranny

Ok, time for the real reveal of what I had to work with.. 

"You cant love anyone unless you can love yourself"   RuPaul

Now Roga has a new face book picture himself!  What a beauty!!

My work is done....

Pizza Man Gets Robbed By Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is another fantastic prank and I have to give a huge round of applause!!

Turtle in a half shell.. TURTLE POWER!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Butter Floor Pranks are on!!

This stuff is so good.. Its right up me alley!!! I love nothing more than a good prank and I have a few up my sleeve myself.

Room mates should be more respectful or expect to get buttered!!!!

Revenge of the nerds!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wanda Sykes Reinterprets Pants On The Ground


Wanda Sykes makes "Pants On The Ground" her own as "General Mamogram" singing her own version or experience.. The latter I think. 

Ch Ch Check it out!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


-------------------BREAKING NEWS---------------------

For all you filthy Haggis eating folks, a 21 year old ban has been lifted in the US for consumption of the Scottish Pudding - HAGGIS!!  Now you can all die and go to heaven with this delectable delight of Sheep innards as a main ingredient which was banned for many years as it was thought to be dangerous and fatal.  Many Scottish peeps tried to smuggle the lovely morsels into the States and only got deported.  US butchers tried to replicate the engorging type food with beef instead of sheep but was poo pooed for it.

I see peeps lining up at the local butcher tomorrow to sample the old world taste of ass.

I'm just saying...

Food Network and HGTV is coming back!!!

Yeeehaaaaa!!!!  Us poor Cablevision subscribers are finally getting back our Food Network and HGTV channels so we can watch our favorite chefs cook us some fantastic artery cloggin foods and help to decorate our  mobile home trailers.  Hey my trailer has a great garden with succatash growing..  its suffering I know...
I thought this day would never come but I did call the cable company everyday telling them that I will subscribe to a cable dish of some sorts if I had the brains to figure it out.  Please enjoy this plate of kid friendly food which is a show I am pitching to the Food Network that can get me out of my trailer trash garden and into a lavish double wide  trailer that will escalate me to the "Gated Community" that has a fabulous chain link fence with those colored slats that give you lots of privacy..
Moving on up!!!! To the east side... to a double wide trailer.. in the skyyyyiiiiii..

I'm just saying....

Ninja Hand

This is a far reach from Karate Kid.. there is no wax on or wax off..  no grabbing flies with chopsticks or painting fences up and down.  There is no lesson here like kicking some bullys ass with a crane kick while hobbling one one leg cause you can no longer stand.  This is just a hand upside down, making "hut hut" moves spoken with an accent giving us all the information we need to know how these fingers get down..  Ninja style....

I love the butt scratching part the best.. 

EMBED-Asian Chick's Awesome Hand Ninja - Watch more free videos

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ok, if you are sadistic like me, then you will laugh your arse off while watching the following pranking video!!!  I dont know why, but I get pleasure from other peeps who trip, fall, gets a shot to the balls etc.. if you are over the age of atleast 3.  I do have morals ya know.. 

This video is actually woman pranking on mostly men and to me.. thats even funnier!  Ask my Mr Man, I think I laughed the hardest in my life when he broke his pinky toe and he could totally twist the toe around...


Jersey Shore Lost Episode!!

Yo!  We gots sum lost futage of da Jersey Shore Peeps.  Da Boss wrote a song fer us to start the lost footage..  ch ch check it out!!

Dis stuff seems to neva git old. 

I'm just saying..

EMBED-On The Jersey Shore Parody Song - Watch more free videos

Click On Image To Enlarge

No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!!

One little monkey jumping on the bed,
she fell off and bumped her head,
mama called the doctor and the doctor says,,
no more monkeys jumping on the bed!!

Spider Fail YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this video is really creepy and made me scream and jump .  The suspense is a killa and I actually felt like I was the camera person.  Ch Ch Check this out!


The only thing that comes to mind for this photo, is why does a bear need a tongue this long?  Anyone know why??  God did not give this animal a long tongue just in case he got stuck in a cage and the food was only a tongue's reach away... 


Jersey Shore The Movie

I love me some Craig Ferguson and his parodies. Here is a promo for Jersey Shore The Movie and the cast members for the Jersey Shore peeps. THey didnt cast Pauly D because I dont think they could properly do his accent for his products for a SPIKA, MOLDA and a SHAPA. Now what really is puzzling about Pauly D, he has the best accent and biggest hair for a guy and he is not even from Jersey!!! He is from Rhode Island?? HOw did that gutteral accent go so North?

I'm just asking..

Jersey Shore Meets Mario!

For some reason, this doesnt even seem like a parady of the Jersey Shore Peeps, but more like a party I remember going to at one time or another. I could of sworn I have dated one of those hairy dudes and contracted a furry STD..

Ahh.. the good ol days...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pants On The Ground!! Neil Young Style

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pants On The Ground!!

New Video~

Jersey Shore Peeps - Kiddie Style!

This is our future peeps. Today I heard the Snookie Hair doo is now all the rage and now this. Kids emulating Jersey Shore Peeps. Next thing ya know.. dogs and cats living together!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Anthony Bourdain - Gritty and Sexy!!!

I am dying to have some sexy times with my Tony boy. I can smell the cig smoke in his hair and beer on his breath, but still, I am turned on!!

Check out my Tony helping to burn a zillion kilo's of uncut cocaine. TFF when he says that 15 years ago, he wished santa for this big ol pile of snuff. Now that makes him even more zexy.. If I close my eyes, I can picture us doing the humpty dumpty dance.. ahhhhhhh

Real Housewives Of Late Night Bonus Footage

Well Peeps.. we got some Bonus footage with Andy Cohen. I really wanted a reunion show but I will settle for this if I have to.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its The End Of The World As We Know It

Oh Lordy!!!! Its the end of the World!!!!!!!!! This is the right wingers new ad for the next election citing the end of the world and chaos!!

The Fart Hearings

Okay.. this is toilet humor at its best!



Neverending Rooster Cry

This is what I sound like when I am yelling at my boys early in the morning to get them up for school. I feel out of breath when I watch this and was wondering why I was holding my breath for the entire time? Things that make ya go hmmmmm....

Best Fails of 2009

If you can get through this video without wincing, gasping, turning your head or sucking wind through your teeth, then you are doing better than me. I could almost see my my kidlets in all of the stupid stunts and for good measure I went over and yelled at them and slapped them upside their heads... just in case. I am sure they deserved for something I didnt catch them in anyhow.

Band Geeks

This one time.. at band camp.... she got the idea to cover some music and post it on youtube. Now I have visions with that flute...

Crazy's On Planes

I dont have any words for this one... but I am glad I wasn't flying with her..

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