Monday, May 17, 2010

Jersey Shore Parody

This video is genius!! When you mix the beach with Springsteen AND the cast of the Jersey Shore peeps.. you have GENIUS!!

I am just pissed that I didnt get on the show since I have been fist pumping in the shore night clubs since 1979.

Dont the kids of the Jersey Shore need a den mother or something?? Where do I sign up!!

I Die

Betty White and Tracy Morgan - The Latest In Cougar Town

If you cant get enough of either Betty White OR Tracy Morgan, check out this little diddy that memorializes their new relationship hidden by a photo shoot.

I say we campaign to see these two get married.. Face Book anyone??

I Die!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Night Live - Lord Douchebags!!

Omg.. A blast from the past..


Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

Ok, Some of you know that I have been sporting a really bad muscle pull or something and I cant harldy walk let alone get up out of a chair.  Sleeping has been rough as well.

Last night I forgot to DVR SNL and just started watching online.  Weekend Update is my favorite skit and they have a new character.  He is a Stefon who is a new (gay) correspondent which is becoming a huge favorite.

The best part is watching Seth Meyers try and keep his composure during the entire skit. 

The second half of the update is with 2 characters Garth and Kat.  If you have never seen this skit before, let me fill you in on the story line.  They are a couple who oozes sunshine out of their asses and pretend to be singer/song writers.  They are ALWAYS unprepared and just make shit up.  Kristin Wig who I FLOVE is hysterical in this.  When they break out in song, she just stares at her husbands lips to try and pick up on the lyrics he is making up and is geniously 3 seconds behind him and immitating his hand moves.

I laughed so friggin hard that I was coughing and wheezing and now my side hurts so bad, I cant move.

I am supposed to entertain in a few hours and now I am dead meat. 

Please keep the phone handy in case you need to dial 911 while watching..

Part 1:
Update.. SNL had seperated the skit and a new link.. sorry peeps.. here it is and enjoy Stefan!!

Part 2

I DIE!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amazing Gorilla Reunion

I know I know!!!  Haven't posted in a while.  Lost my taste of shnark as of lately since my allerigies are killing me.. Yes killin me like sleeping all day and doped up on vino..    A girl gotta medicate herself.. Ya know?

Anywho..  this is not a shnarky post.  This is one of those spingly tear jerkers of a video that makes you go aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  and wish you could experience this love with a huge hairy beast.  Oh wait!! I did have one of those kinds of love with my ex!!   BAZINGA!!!!
This video is about some dude who supports the Aspinall Foundation which is a charity that promotes wildlife conservation and reintroduces captive gorillas back into the wild in West Africa. Five years ago, conservationist Damian Aspinall (a gift from baby Jesus) released a gorilla, Kwibi, into the jungles of Gabon. Aspinall returned recently to reunite with a now ten-year-old Kwibi.

Now, I live in the Tri State area and have seen countless reports on the Chimp that unmercifully mangled a woman beyond recognition and thought this video might have a not so happy ending that I started to bite my nails and get queasy. 

Ch Ch Check out this Video and watch the gorillas eyes..  I get weepy just thinking about it..


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gargamel!!! Where have you been!!

Look at Hank Zarin below doing a great Gargamel like no one has!!!  He is perfect!!!  My kids would be proud.  What a great haeinus turd that he is with all the yuck in  life.. 

I just love him and all his madness.  I cant wait to see what evil he will zap on our blue good peeps..

I'm Just saying..

Doña Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y Silv!

Doña Maria is the current reigning Duchess of Alba and head of the House of Alba

I want to throw up a little bit and now think I look so gooood!!

I think if I had a ton of money.. the last thing I would do is plump up my lips and intentionally get frizzy hair products.. Let copulate that with a white veil and have a coke ring ontop of top lip..  Thats not "Let Get Milk" peeps..  stop thinking she is lapping up the midwife...
Ahhh.. good ol times when I was younger but didnt look like this.. even thou I was a queen in my own mind.  I had coke parties and lots of mirrored tables for all to cut on.  I was the queen of stash up you noses.  So peeps who where not invited knew they were passe of not that cool..

Sigh.. I am dating myself and now need a line..     OF A NEW DIALOGUE HERE!!

You peeps are just drug infested.. I tell ya...

I'm just saying..

P.S.  Drugs kill and I am just kidding..  If you want to have a life of sucking gum off streets and begging for burnt popcorn.. suck up the white horse you turds... life is better eating bonbons and watching soap operas you turds..

Holy CraP...

Iggy Pop is Zexzy

Holy crap.. someone tell this guy to put a shirt on..  I am feeling my face fall down and my Vadge fall into my ankles..

It aint right!!!

I'm just saying...

A Fart Blanket For The Couple

This is the best thing ever invented!!! We know of "Dutch Ovens" which my daughter had to explain to me and was aghast!!

I had no clue there was a reference to laying fanny burps under the covers and putting the covers over your partners head and having a fit of laughter to top the cherry off!! Thanks Erica and Bill!!!

Now I want to throw up..

When I am a bit gassy, I prefer to tuck the blankets all around me and just pretend that nothing is going on.

Until one night...
I had a really bad time with something I ate.  I have no idea what it was, but Mr Man always tells me that something is rotten in Denmark. 

I get his meaning..

Soo......  I was letting them loose one night and made sure my high falutin quilt was tucked all round me body and would worry about airing it out the next day...

I was watching TV and it was late, and he wanted to go to sleep and I just yelled. to just let me finish my show!!!

So he just looked at me and decided he was not going to win this fight. 

He just decided to take the covers over his head to block out the light from the TV and I inhaled deeply..


He jumped out of the bed and screamed at me!!!  Ran out of the room and got the friggin lysol..

I ran out of the room since that stuff makes my lungs squeeze tightly and he was yelling like a banshee..

I could not stop laughing and coughing and spitting due to his indignat behavior which gave me more pleasure..

Needless to say.. I have been waiting to tell this story which then at this point my daughter and her husband told me that I was doing a "Dutch Oven"   

I cannot tell you how much this gave me pleasure in knowing that I did something inknowingly that is a total recent fad.  I am cool. 

Whatch this video for peeps like me who needs to invest..  or not??  I prefer the outrage...

I'm just saying...

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