Saturday, September 17, 2011

Real Life Weekend At Bernie’s Men Take Dead Friend For Night Out

Who hasn't thought about waving around a dead friend partying all night until he turns blue while we all get our drink on while toasting our friend? NOT ME!! Who does this shit? Unless I was on many hits of acid that I saw cola's all through the night and vision of me dancing with this stiff? Hope I didn't make out with this stiff. Less more?

It’s a real life re-enactment of the cult classic movie Weekend At Bernie’s!

Two Colorado men, Robert Young and Mark Rubinson, have been accused of dragging a dead friend out for a night on the town -- and charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation as a result.

Young, 43, claims he found pal Jeffrey Jarrett, a 43-year-old realtor, deceased in his Denver, Colorado house, then placed his corpse into an SUV, police said.

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At that point, he and Rubinson, 25, painted the town red, using Jarrett’s credit card to pay their bar tabs, going to multiple bars and restaurants with their deceased pal still in the car, police said.

The fun loving friends rounded their night off by stopping by a gentleman's club, authorities said, where they spent $400 more of their dead chum’s money.

Finally, after their night of fun, the fellas notified authorities to alert them of Jarrett's death.

Officials said no cause of death has been determined yet.

"This is a bizarre and unfortunate crime," said Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson. "This isn't anything you want to have happen to a loved one. You want them treated with respect in death."
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